Unpredictable bitch

Unpredictable-bitch - Gabrielle Bernatova

Underworld Families and clans which have their areas divided. Their members are ready to pull guns and kill at any time when there is one of them threatened. One day Lea’s husband, the boss of mafia, finds himself in prison. She remains alone on the management and retention of family. After his release, somebody kills Lea’s very close person. Revenge is for her the only priority in life. Carefree young woman is day by day becoming the goddness of vengeance determined to destroy everyone who contributed to the destruction of her happiness. No one has idea who did Lea become over the past years, what she sacrificed in order to carry out her plans. From the outside world she is hidden behind the mask of cynical, arrogant woman full of hatred and skepticism. In the moment when the intension is beggining to gain momentum, the path is crossed by girl who changed Lea’s perception of the world and return hope for peaceful life back to her. But first she must achieve her goal. Must destroy enemies.

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Unpredictable-bitch - Gabrielle Bernatova
Unpredictable-bitch – Gabrielle Bernatova

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